How to Stuff a Stocking for a Dallas Cowboys Fan

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One of the most popular teams in the NFL may be the Dallas Cowboys. Around the whole country you can find Dallas Cowboy fans. Many of them probably have not even been to Dallas, but they are dedicated to the football team. To help celebrate the Dallas Cowboy fan in your life, you can easily create a Dallas Cowboy-themed stocking, full of all things related to the Cowboys.

Step 1

Start the stocking off by filling the bottom with some Dallas Cowboys football cards. You can purchase packs featuring the whole football team, or you can just purchase general NFL trading cards for the stocking. If you are going all out and budgets do not matter, check websites and sports memorabilia stores for autographed cards from classic Cowboy players like Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman.

Step 2

Look for any item that has a star on it. The star is the classic symbol appearing on the Dallas Cowboy's helmet and has long been associated with the football team. Whether it is stickers, decorations, or even a T-shirt with the star on it, they all represent the Dallas Cowboys and would fit great inside of a stocking.

Step 3

Keep the Christmas theme by purchasing a Dallas Cowboy-themed Christmas present. This can range from little Dallas Cowboy Santa decoration to an official Dallas Cowboys Christmas ornament.

Step 4

Create your own holiday treats and give them a Dallas Cowboy theme. You can create star shaped cookies, football shaped cookies, and other little treats with a Dallas Cowboy theme implemented. Even attaching a bunch of candy canes together to create a star shape will do the trick.

Step 5

Add in some historic Dallas Cowboys memorabilia in the form of a DVD, book or classic photo. There are DVDs dedicated to the history of the team, books with photos, or 8-by-10 still shots of players in action.

Step 6

Splurge on the person and give them a stocking surprise with some Dallas Cowboy tickets. Tickets can cost up to hundreds of dollars, but if you can afford it, then you can treat the Dallas Cowboy fan to the present of a lifetime by providing him with a trip to the game.

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