Corporate Christmas Ideas

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The Christmas season is a time when corporations can show their employees how much they appreciate their work and loyalty. There different traditions that can be started and carried out annually that can be fun and memorable experiences. Whether your company is dealing with an unlimited budget or a small one, there are ways to make Christmas very special for everyone.


Corporations may host a Christmas party for their employees. The most common are buffet-style dinner parties and sit-down dinners that are often drab and conservative. Try something different when you plan the next corporate Christmas party. Make sure there is seasonal music, offer a special gift to employees who dress festively, provide Santa hats as party favors. Plan activities that encourage people to mingle. Make sure the decor is festive and there is a good selection of food. If you plan to serve alcohol, make arrangements for your guests to all get home safely.


Corporations usually hand out gifts to their employees around Christmas to show their appreciation. The problem is that often these gifts can be predictable and dull. Try something new and different so that your employees look forward to and get excited about your gift giving. Gift baskets have come a long way from the traditional apples and oranges. Today's gift baskets are filled with a number of different things and they make fantastic gifts. Themed baskets include books and music, gardening supplies, pampering items, gourmet foods, movie passes and DVDs, and sports paraphernalia.


Most employees have family they want to spend the holidays with and introduce to coworkers. Offer a family-friendly a Christmas event. Hire a Santa and make sure every child receives a small gift. Include other kid-friendly activities face painting, arts and crafts, and games. If it is an event that employees can look forward to every year it can boost employee morale.


Cash bonuses have been around for years but this is one gift that employees never get tired of and always appreciate. The only down side with cash bonuses at Christmas is that once you start giving them it is difficult to stop as employees come to expect and depend on them.


Employees spend most of their time at work, so during the Christmas season encourage decorations, and activities like cookie and gift exchanges. These help keep employees in high spirits. Put up a Christmas tree with an ornament for each employee or display stockings with employees names on them so workers will feel like part of a family.

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