How to Wrap a Gift Without Wrapping Paper

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You only have a few presents left to wrap when you realize you just used up the last vestiges of gift wrap. On the other hand, perhaps you hate the thought of cutting down so many trees to make the decorative paper that only ends up in the landfill. Either way, you will be happy to learn that there are some alternative ways to package your presents. You may, in fact, prefer them to traditional wrapping paper.

Step 1

Drape it in fleece. Small fleece throw blankets have become quite popular. If you are giving one as a gift, let it do double duty and wrap another gift inside of it.

Step 2

Look in your kitchen. There is a bounty of wrapping options in your cupboards. A simple coat or two of paint can turn an oatmeal carton or cereal box into a beautiful gift box. Tuck baked goods inside a cookie jar or loaf pan.

Step 3

Plant a gift. A decorative terra cotta or plastic flower pot makes a cute container for anything from a scented candle to a t-shirt. Silk flowers wrapped around the item add to the effect.

Step 4

Keep the Sunday paper. Wrap a child's gift in the funnies, a CD in the entertainment section, or a journal in the travel section. Tie it with raffia or thick string and tuck a small Christmas tree branch or ornament into it.

Step 5

Tie it into clothing. T-shirts or sweatshirts, scarves or other items of clothing are all fun ways to wrap a present. Use safety pins to secure them in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Fleece blanket
  • Kitchen items
  • Flower pot
  • Sunday paper
  • Clothing

Who Can Help

  • Homemade Gift Wrap
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