Towel Cake Ideas for Christmas

Create a towel cake by folding or rolling towels into the shape of cakes to give as gifts or to use as table decorations. Use white towels for the cake, and add bright bursts of holiday color with red and green ribbons and Christmas ornaments, or make a colorful cake with bright red and green towels for the holiday.

Multi-Tiered Christmas Towel Cake

A multi-tiered Christmas towel cake makes a beautiful and practical gift because everyone uses towels. Fold each towel so that it is as wide as you want each layer of the finished towel cake. Roll the towel up tightly, and turn it on its side to form the cake layer. If you desire a thicker layer, safety pin another towel folded in the same manner to the end of the first towel, and continue rolling. Wrap a length of clear tape around the center of each cake layer to prevent it from unrolling. Stack the cakes together, and decorate with Christmas themed ribbon, poinsettia flowers, Christmas cookie cutters or candy canes.

Christmas Towel Cupcakes

Present a batch of Christmas towel cupcakes as a hostess gift, or hand them out one at a time at family gatherings or at the office Christmas party. Look for Christmas washcloths with an applique or a small decoration on the towel that is small enough to fit on top of a standard size cupcake. Bunch the washcloth loosely into a ball with the applique at the top of the ball, and tape the bottom of the ball together with clear tape. The bottom of the washcloth ball can be messy, but the top part must be smooth to create the appearance of a cupcake. Place the balled-up washcloth inside a silicone cupcake liner to finish your towel cupcake.

Swiss Roll Towel Cake

Make a Swiss roll towel cake with two different colored hand towels or dish towels. A white towel and a brown towel will make the traditional chocolate Swiss roll with white filling, but feel free to use bright green and red towels or those decorated with a Christmas theme. Lay the brown or cake-colored towel in front of you with one of the narrow ends of the towel facing you. Fold in the sides of the towel so that they meet in the center. Layer the white or filling-colored towel on top, and fold it in the same manner. Roll the towels up together tightly, and secure the end of the roll with a few pieces of clear tape. Another option is to make Swiss roll cake slices using washcloths instead of hand towels. Decorate the cakes with ribbon or top each cake with a piece of plastic fruit attached with double-sided tape.

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