Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas for a Girlfriend


Whether this is your first Christmas with your girlfriend or your 10th, do not slack off in the gift-buying department. This year, blow her away with your ability to buy her a romantic present. On Christmas morning, give her something to be excited about after she tears away the fancy paper to reveal your surprise.

Engrave It

Find a watch or locket that fits her style and your budget. Have it engraved with your own special message. Be as sweet and sappy as you want, from having "I love you" to "To My Love" engraved in the precious metal. Your thoughtfulness will earn you major points, as she will be able to show off your gift all year long. Plan early, as engravers get busy around the holiday season.

Be Cute

If this is your first Christmas together, you do not want to break the bank--yet. Keep it sweet and romantic with a large, soft teddy bear, decked out in red Christmas attire. Add a personal touch by writing a short note or poem inside a card to your partner. Tuck the card into the paws of the plush bear. Your gift will probably win a spot on her bed or couch after the holidays.

Pop the Question

If you are ready to take the next step with your girlfriend, there is no better gift for Christmas than to propose. Purchase the ring along with a dummy gift for her to open under the tree. The dummy gift can be something to throw her off track, such as a pack of socks or a framed picture of the trip you shared to the mountains. Another option is to put the ring inside another gift, such as a camera bag or laptop case. You may want to keep the ring inside the box instead of placing it in by itself, so it doesn't inadvertently fall out and get lost. Regardless, however you decide to pop the question, it will be a Christmas to remember.

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