Christmas Craft Projects to Make As Gifts


The first flying snowflakes serve as a reminder of the upcoming holiday season. If your gift list keeps growing each year, craft projects that double as gifts save on the budget. Grandparents and other family members appreciate craft gifts, particularly when kids create these thoughtful masterpieces.

Felt Coasters

Use felt fabric to create custom Christmas coasters. Purchase several different colors of felt based on your desired designs. Craft stores sell small rectangles of felt and large bolts of fabric. Choose the base color for the coasters and cut the felt into the desired shape. Circles or squares work well and are easy to cut from felt. Cut out Christmas shapes from the other colors of felt to add as decorations to the coasters. Large shapes are best so the glass has a large even surface. Another option is to cut an identical piece of felt and cut shapes out of it so the base color shows through the holes. Use a piece of fusible webbing to connect the two pieces of felt. It is sold in craft stores and holds the fabric together when ironed. Another option is to use a simple stitch to hold the felt pieces together. Make a set of the coasters and tie a stack of them together with coordinating ribbon.

Recipe Cards

Make a set of custom recipe cards for the recipient. Index cards or card stock cut to size works well as the base for the cards. Use Christmas-themed scrapbook paper and stickers to add decorations to the recipe cards. You can make them all the same or make each one different for variety. A set of 20 to 30 cards makes a nice starter kit for the recipient. For a personal touch, use a few of the cards to share your favorite Christmas recipes. A ribbon tied around the stack of cards creates a pretty presentation. To add more substance, add the non-perishable ingredients needed to make one of the recipes included in the stack.

Potted Christmas Trees

This craft uses a small terracotta pot and a Styrofoam cone as its main components. Paint the pot to fit the Christmas theme and allow it to dry fully. Paint the foam cone green or cover it with paper or fabric. Use three-dimensional fabric paint, glitter, sequins, beads, jingle bells and ribbon to decorate the tree. Place a small piece of floral foam into the pot. Press a piece of a wooden dowel into the floral foam. Push the decorated cone tree onto the other end of the dowel. Use cotton batting or tissue paper to cover the floral foam in the base of the pot.

Wrapping Options

Decorating your own wrapping paper or gift bags adds more customization to the crafty Christmas gifts. A roll of plain craft paper works well to create wrapping paper. Use tempera paint and sponges cut into Christmas shapes to add the wrapping paper design. You can also paint freehand designs with a paintbrush. Plain gift bags are available at craft stores and allow you to add your own decorative elements. Ribbon, glitter, paint and jingle bells offer festive options for the gift bags.

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