Christmas Gifts for Kids To Make for Their Grandparents


Grandparents love to get homemade gifts from their grandchildren for any occasion. Help your little ones show Grandma and Grandpa how much they care with some handmade crafts and a few special touches for Christmas gifts this year.

Photo Gifts

Since grandparents love to show off photos of their grandkids, incorporating photos in their Christmas gifts accomplishes two goals. Have your kids choose photos of themselves from the past year and arrange them into a collage for framing. They can cut and paste the photos by hand, or use an online service from a photo-processing center to make their collages. For another idea, kids can make a calendar for the upcoming year, using their own photos for each month. Again, they can create one by hand using a blank calendar from an office supply store, or they can put one together online and have it printed and bound at a photo center.


Spruce up Grandma's and Grandpa's tree with some homemade ornaments. Be sure to write the child's name and the date on the back of each ornament to commemorate the gift. For a simple project, have kids glue craft sticks together in the shape of an asterisk (*). Then they can use glue and white and silver glitter to make the craft sticks sparkle like a star or a snowflake. Tie a loop of yarn to the top of one of the sticks for hanging. God's-eyes are easy and fun ornaments to make as well. Position two sticks (craft sticks or from a tree) together in the shape of a plus sign. Tie a length of yarn around the middle and weave it up and around each stick (see reference section for full directions). Kids can use Christmas-colored yarn or yarn in their grandparents' favorite colors. Tie a loop around the top when finished for hanging on the tree.

Baked Goodies

Kids can help bake up a sweet surprise for grandparents. Try decorating cutout cookies or gingerbread men; grandkids can even decorate their gingerbread people to resemble Grandma and Grandpa. The whole family can get involved: Older kids can help you measure the ingredients, stir and bake; younger kids can help cut out the cookie shapes and decorate. For an easy and colorful cookie option, mix up some sugar cookie dough; leave half plain (white) and dye the other half red with food coloring. Then roll each color of dough into snake-like lengths and let kids twist them together into candy canes. Place on a cookie sheet and bake as normal. For a similar cookie, dye your dough green and let kids shape them like wreaths. Grandma and Grandpa will love the sweet surprise of a hand-baked gift from their grandchildren. You can even ask kids to decorate a colorful box to put the cookies in for gift wrapping.

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