Xmas Gifts for Pregnant Ladies

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Planning Christmas gifts for a pregnant woman can be tough. Whether to buy for the baby or the mother is one decision you will have to make. Another will be whether or not to focus on the pregnancy. If you want your gift to be useful, consider buying something she can use now, and after the baby is born.


Pampering is a great way to show a pregnant woman you love her. With the backaches, fatigue and stress associated with pregnancy, she is probably in need of some relaxation and comfort. For a simple and inexpensive gift, get a bath product gift basket. Bath products can be luxurious, soothing and fragrant. Purchase a basket that is already filled with products, or mix and match to create your own set. A gift certificate to a spa for a day of beauty or a pregnancy-safe massage would be much appreciated. Massages are relaxing and help relieve muscle tension. Make sure to buy a gift certificate from a spa that has pregnancy-safe pampering packages. It's important the package doesn't involve chemicals or procedures that could harm the baby.

Diaper Service

A Christmas gift of a diaper service is sure to wow a pregnant woman. A diaper service will deliver clean diapers and clean the soiled ones. This service will save the parents a lot of money since they won't need to keep buying disposable diapers. A diaper service is also good for the environment because it cuts down on waste, and the cloth diapers are usually made of all-natural cotton.


Women who are about to have babies usually want to keep memories of her pregnancy, the baby's birth and milestones. A professional photography gift certificate to document the pregnancy, birth and milestones would make a thoughtful gift. You could also give her a scrapbook for her photos and trinkets. If she enjoys writing, consider buying her a leather-bound journal and a nice pen set. She could document her baby's life in the journal or her memories of motherhood to keep or pass down to her children.

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