How to Create a Christmas CD as a Gift


When money is tight around the holidays, but you still want to give a thoughtful gift, consider creating a Christmas CD for a loved one. The recipients will not only enjoy the present you put together but also think of you year after year as they play it.

Step 1

Choose a mix of music that your recipient will enjoy. You could include modern music, an older sound or a mix of both. Or create a CD based on a genre of music your recipient is fond of--jazz or pop, for example.

Step 2

Create a playlist on your computer to start your CD. Label the playlist appropriately so you can find it easily. Most blank CDs hold approximately 18 songs depending on the length of each one, so choose enough titles fill up the CD. To check the progress, there will usually be a note in your music program about how much space you have left.

Step 3

Burn the music onto the CD. Highlight the playlist, which should open the folder in your music system. Click the "Burn to Disc" button, which will start to put the music onto the CD. Depending on how slow your computer runs, it can take anywhere from minutes to quite a while.

Step 4

Purchase an empty plastic CD case, then personalize a cover. Print out a picture on glossy photo paper that complements the CD. For example, a picture of the recipient's family at Christmas or even a photo of the both of you during a previous holiday season can be used. It adds a wonderful sentimental touch that costs very little to do.

Step 5

Write a personalized note on the back of the CD case cover. Instead of including a generic "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" greeting, write a note telling the recipient how much you hope she enjoys the gift and how much she means to you.

Step 6

Write the songs on the back of the CD case. Skip the black or blue ink and instead write the titles in red or green. Also, consider putting little stickers in each corner to add a bit more decoration to the present.

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