Unique Christmas Gifts for a Wife

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Yes, it is hard to buy your wife something for Christmas that you know will be memorable and special. Gifts of time often mean more than another piece of jewelry. Even if you are not rich enough to take her on that around-the-world trip, you can still fulfill her dreams and show her how much you love her. You just need to think outside the box and give her something that's unique, especially for her.

Housekeeping Services

Most women are pulling double duty these days trying to hold down a job and take care of the household. She'll love the gift of housekeeping services for several months. She'll love coming home to a great-smelling clean house where all she has to do is relax and enjoy her family. A gift certificate for housekeeping services will take stress out of her life and give her more quality time with the family. Whether your gift is once a week or once a month, she'll love this thoughtful present. Try Merry Maids at www.merrymaids.com, or search for a service in your local phone directory. Prices vary by location, but generally average between $40 to $80 a week.

Second Honeymoon

Want to put the romance back in your life? Give your wife a Christmas gift she'll always remember--a second honeymoon. Sweep her off her feet with a trip to an island paradise like Hawaii or the Caribbean, or set up a weekend in a major city with a nice hotel room, champagne, flowers and dinner reservations. Travelocity.com has a section on "Romantic Vacations" that will give you ideas of where to go and then will book the trip for you. The rest of the trip will just be the two of you rekindling that giddy honeymoon feeling. No football games or overstressed days at the office to come between you. Just you two enjoying each other. Don't forget to take a camera, in case you get outside the hotel room.

What She Always Wanted

You know your wife well, and you've probably heard her say, "I wish I could," or "Someday I'd like to." Well, Christmas is a great time to give her a class in something she always wanted to do--pottery, writing, learning another language, yoga, interior decorating, cooking, painting, a musical instrument or photography. Maybe she's always wanted to learn to fly or skydive, horseback ride or scuba dive. Whatever you've heard her express as a someday dream could come true. It's up to you. Show her you have been listening and you know what she would really love. She'll love you all the more for it.

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Photo by: Tetraimages/Inmagine

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