Christmas Gifts Children Can Make for Grandparents

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Child-made gifts are cost-effective but still celebrate holiday spirit. Tradition has it that gifts brought to the Christ Child by the Three Wise Men are the origin of the gift-giving custom. Giving gifts is a selfless act and one that parents want to teach their children. Personally making gifts for grandparents is one such way.


Brainstorm in advance with your child about what gift he would like to make. Personalizing gifts teaches children to care for others and represents the Chirstmas spirit. Start by asking your child what her grandparents enjoy. Many times, grandparents have activities or hobbies such as golfing, cooking, fishing, needlework, reading, boating or gardening. Mention specifics that pertain to individual grandparents. This should lead into a natural discussion of what grandparents need or want. Take into account what grandparents already have. Guide children to thinking of gifts they can make according to their ages and ability levels. Possible homemade gifts include coasters, bookmarks, calendars, pillows, poems or scrapbooks. Older children could write and perform small plays, sew golf club head covers, bake bread or rolls or cook candy.


Once you and your child have thought of a gift, assemble supplies. Buttons, paper, noodles, glue, tape, string, scissors, hangers, paints, paper and pictures may be around the house. Allow your child to invest his thoughts and labor in the project. If decorating a flower pot, aid in thinking of the design, but let your child trace in pencil before painting. When making coasters, suggest the proper size, but let your child measure and cut paper. Depending on your child's skills and the grandparents' willingness to use the gift, you may want to preserve the gift. Magnets will keep pictures and drawings neat on the fridge. Lamination ensures coasters, placemats and napkin holders stay clean. Fabric protectors work well on cloth gifts.


Take newspapers and help your child decorate them with paints or stamps for wrapping paper. Buy plain gift bags and glue pictures or letters from magazines. Make a card. Cards can be done on the computer with a simple word program. Construction paper also makes pretty cards. Guide your child's hand or allow him to sign his name. A special message, decorations or a picture nicely finishes a card. Encourage your child to give the gift to his grandparents personally. This finalizes the thoughtfulness: your child will see the happiness his gift created.

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