Scrapbooking Secret Santa Ideas


Many circles of friends out there love to get together to scrapbook. They sit around a table, chatting, scrapping and snacking. When Christmas rolls around, your scrapbooking circle might decide to do a "Secret Santa" gift exchange. What kinds of gifts can you purchase for the gift exchange on a Secret Santa budget?


Scrapbook paper, an essential for constructing scrapbooks, is also one of the less expensive scrapbooking items. You can find a wide variety of scrapbook paper out there, with something for everyone on your Secret Santa list. Purchase packs of paper centered around a theme or individual sheets of paper that vary in theme. If you buy individual sheets, you could gift-wrap them in a scrapbook paper organizer.


Just as scrapbookers use a wide variety of scrapbook paper, they also use a wide variety of adhesives. Give glue sticks, fine-tip glue pens, glue dots, double-sided tape and even spray adhesive as a useful Secret Santa gift. Choose an acid-free spray adhesive to construct scrapbooks because it won't ruin photos over time. The packaging should say that it's safe for use with photos.


Scrapbookers use fine-tip felt pens of different colors to write captions for photos and to label their scrapbook pages. This makes these pens an excellent gift option for a Secret Santa gift exchange. You can purchase pens in packs or individually. Choose colors to match a theme or just colors that you think will look nice.


Some craft stores have whole aisles dedicated to stickers for use by paper crafters. Stickers offer an easy and fun way to add a little flare to any scrapbook page, and cost fairly little. Again, you can go with a theme or buy stickers in a variety of themes. Consider what your Secret Santa friend wants to scrapbook and choose some stickers that will assist her.


A scrapbook album, one of the more expensive Secret Santa gift suggestions, is also one of the most essential items for any scrapbooker. You need to know the person you're buying for fairly well in order to pick an album that she will like. If you have a price limit but you want to purchase an album, look for a sale or a coupon that will bring the purchase in under the limit.

Stamps and Ink

Clear stamps made of acrylic are all the rage with paper crafters. You can stick clear stamps to a clear acrylic block when in use, then remove them when you're done so the block can be used for another stamp. Clear stamps cost less than mounted stamps and let you see exactly where you're placing the stamp image on your project. Many still use woodblock, or mounted, stamps as well. You might be able to find smaller woodblock stamps that would come in under a Secret Santa price limit. But you usually get more bang for your buck if you purchase clear stamps. They will already be packaged to center around a theme. If you're thinking about purchasing stamps, you might also want to pick up an ink pad to give with them.

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