Simple Christmas Gifts for Grandmas

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Grandmothers are generally extremely proud of their grandchildren, as well as the notion of simply being grandmothers. When choosing a Christmas gift for grandma, bear in mind that by the time most women become grandmothers, they have lived a fairly long life, and are usually long since over the need to accumulate material possessions. Still, grandmothers love receiving meaningful gifts from their family members; especially their grandchildren. Make the gift a sentimental one, and you're sure to please grandma in a most profound way.

Photo Gifts

Grandmothers never have enough photos of their grandchildren, and with the vast number of websites in operation that are touting photo gifts, the process is simple and the expense is reasonable. Simply upload a photo to a site like Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly or Snapfish (see Resources), and order photos of the grandkids to be placed on a number of gift options for grandma. From coffee mugs to keepsake boxes, you'll be sure to find grandma a gift she'll love.

Straight from the Heart

Write a poem or story for Grandma that involves something you've done together or that highlights some of her more wonderful traits. In our society, we put off telling people how we really feel about them, and in some cases, the words go unsaid for a lifetime. Share your special feelings for Grandma with her. Frame your work in a pretty picture frame that matches her living room décor. Create a scrapbook of memories for Grandma, using photos of times you've spent together. Embellish the book with stickers and scrapbook crafts that represent the things you like to do; whether it involves baking, taking walks, watching the birds, or traveling. Add a personal note to Grandma in the front of the book, letting her know just how much she means to you. Fill a photo book with photos of you and Grandma from past Christmases or other holiday gatherings. Write a poem or story about the changes that have taken place throughout the years, and what they've meant to you.

Gifts of Time

Often as grandchildren get older and involved with their own active lives, they have less time to spend with their grandmothers. Give grandma the gift of your time this Christmas. It will likely be the best gift she receives. Offer to take her shopping or out to get her hair done. Plan to spend an afternoon baking cookies or pies together. Take her to church one Sunday and then out for lunch afterward. She will undoubtedly brag to all of her friends about the thoughtfulness of your gift. Time is one thing we'll all run out of eventually. Give the gift of it while you're able; to those, like grandma, who will appreciate it the most.

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