Christmas Gifts for Kids Under 20


It can be difficult to save money when shopping for gifts, particularly ones for young people. You would like to get something unique, but unfortunately, too many unique gifts come with a sizable price tag. But unique and inexpensive don't have to be mutually exclusive terms.

Hobby, Arts and Crafts Kits.

Kids of all ages love arts and crafts. Toddlers who are developing motor skills enjoy crayons and markers, while 'tweens and teens may prefer to make friendship bracelets and handcrafts. If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes arts and crafts, consider a gift basket filled with raw materials so she can make her own treasures. Young children might appreciate a pencil box filled with crayons, safety scissors, construction paper and glue, while older kids may like a messenger bag complete with yarn and knitting needles.

Spa Baskets

A visit to the spa has become a fun and trendy activity for 'tweens and teens. Because of this, hotels such as the Hyatt have expanded their services to include facials, manicures and pedicures for younger people. While a gift certificate to the spa may be beyond your price range, you can put together a salon basket for a few dollars that any teen or 'tween will appreciate. Put together a basket that includes a pair of inexpensive cotton gloves, hand cream, an emery board, cuticle oil, a few nail polish colors and a basin for soaking. For a foot pampering kit, combine vegetable oil with essential oils and add to Epsom salts. Store the mixture in an airtight tin for gifting.


Younger kids are may enjoy a book. Toddlers appreciate sturdy books with pictures, and their parents appreciate the educational content. While some interactive books come with textures and activities, others contain glossy pages that can be wiped clean. Another option for smaller children is to purchase a Klutz activity book. These books, which are generally priced under $20, contain activities that range from making painted rocks to creating paper fashions.

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