How to Stuff a Christmas Stocking for a New York Giants Fan

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One of the oldest Christmas traditions is the hanging and filling of a stocking. Whether the stockings are hung on a mantle or above the fireplace, they are one of the signature things that make Christmas so wonderful. Instead of just filling a stocking with a random array of things, you can pick a theme for the stocking. One of the most popular things for men are sports. Fans love to cheer and showcase their favorite team. For fans of the New York Giants, you can create a NY Giant filled stocking that will please any fan.

Step 1

Help spread Christmas cheer. Celebrate the New York Giants by putting in a couple of New York Giants ornaments into the stocking. You can find a wide variety of ornaments, from simple logos to scaled down player poses that can become a nice addition to the Christmas tree.

Step 2

Shop at Sport's Memorabilia shops for little items that can help fill the stocking. There are decals, mini-helmets, pens, and key chains featuring the New York Giants. All those items would fit great in a stocking.

Step 3

Roll up a New York Giants shirt. Place it snugly into a stocking. By rolling up the shirt and placing a rubber band around it, you can easily fit this into the stocking.

Step 4

Purchase a DVD featuring the New York Giants. There are multiple sets available. Discs that capture the history of the team are available. Also get ones focusing on the Super Bowl victories.

Step 5

Surprise somebody with a huge gift in their stocking. Get him tickets to a New York Giants football game. This will guarantee to be a favorite gift. It will give him something to look forward to for after the holidays. Tickets fit great inside of a stocking. No one will expect them.

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