Christmas Gifts for Kids From Teachers


With the holidays approaching, you may be wondering what to give your students for Christmas. You don't want to spend too much money, but you want them to know you care. Read on for some great ideas.

Reading Remedy

If you want your kids to be better readers, why not give them books for Christmas? You can shop at your local dollar store, or get 99-cent books from the Scholastic book order forms that come to your classroom. This way, you don't have to spend a lot to encourage healthy reading habits at home. Plus, a book works well for either gender, no matter what the child's interests are.

Buy in Bulk

Go to your local craft store and check out its selection of holiday craft kits. Often, you can purchase a kit for one low price that will make several items, such as bookmarks or ornaments. All of the supplies you need will be inside the kit, and you can keep cost down by buying only one or two kits to make gifts for your entire class. Another way to make bulk gifts is to cook them up in your kitchen. Beware of any allergies your students have before attempting to bake for them. Try Rice Krispy treats in holiday shapes, or sugar cookies with decorative icing. You can put them into individual goody bags for each child, and the low cost to make one batch will allow you to provide gifts for all of your students.

Commemorate the Year

It can be nice for kids to have a special holiday ornament to remember every year growing up. Go to a discount retailer and purchase plain ornament balls and paint pens. Then write "Happy Holidays from Mrs. X" on one side and the year on the other side of each ball. Wrap the balls in decorative tissue and hand them to your students on their way home for holiday vacation. It's a simple and inexpensive gift that shows you care, and helps them remember you and your class for years to come.

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