How to Make a Gift Card Exciting


Are you tired of giving out gift cards in boring white envelopes at Christmas? It's easy to make a gift card an exciting gift to open without spending any extra money. By following these simple steps, you can create a colorful, personalized gift in a matter of minutes.

Step 1

On the small piece of stationery, write a personalized message regarding why you chose that particular gift card. For example: "I know how much you love going out for coffee." or "A little something to use while dining at your favorite restaurant."

Step 2

Put some colorful tissue paper inside the small box and place the gift card and note in the middle of the tissue paper. Fold the edges of the tissue paper to cover the gift card and note and close the box.

Step 3

Wrap the small box using scissors, tape and wrapping paper (or extra tissue paper).

Step 4

Place the wrapped box inside of another piece of tissue paper and fold the the edges so that they are sticking up.

Step 5

Place the tissue paper containing the wrapped box inside of a container of your choice (coffee mug, stocking, wine glass, jar, etc.). Make sure the edges of the tissue paper are sticking out of the top of the container so that you can see them.

Step 6

Tie the ribbon (or bow) around the container and curl the edges with the scissors to create a more colorful presentation.

Things You'll Need

  • small piece of stationery/paper
  • pen
  • gift card
  • tissue paper
  • small box
  • wrapping paper (optional)
  • scissors
  • tape
  • container of your choice: coffee mug, stocking, etc. (depending on what you want to put the wrapped box in)
  • ribbon or a bow
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