Christmas Gifts for Boys


Finding the perfect Christmas gift for the boys on your list can prove daunting, especially with the overwhelming numbers of options both in stores and online during the holiday season. From traditional gifts to new high-tech gadgets, appropriate Christmas gifts for boys vary greatly depending on the age and interests of the boy -- but, with a little thought and planning, it has never been easier to find the right Christmas gift for the boys in your life.

Sports Gear

From toddlers to teens, many boys are budding athletes with a passion for at least one sport, making sports gear such as balls, bats, sportswear, shoes, and equipment ideal Christmas gifts for some boys. For gift givers, sports gear is an easy choice when it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts, as most sports items are readily available year-round from sporting goods stores and mass merchandisers. With age-specific sports gear easy to find, gift givers can do one-stop shopping for sports lovers of all ages, from two-year-olds to teenagers. T-Ball sets, aluminum bats, baseball mitts, basketball goals, football helmets, cleats, soccer nets, golf clubs, and all variety of balls and protective equipment not only make good choices for Christmas gifts for aspiring athletes, but they encourage boys to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

Building Sets

Building sets, such as Tinkertoys, Lincoln Logs, and Lego sets, are classic Christmas gifts for boys and popular gift choices around the holidays. Boys love them because they provide an outlet for their creative energy, and gift-givers like the fact that building sets keep boys' brains stimulated and provide endless hours of entertainment. Building sets for all age groups are easy to find during the holidays: Lego sets offer simple, large interlocking blocks for one-year-olds and thousand-piece-plus themed building sets for the older crowd. Building sets also are a wise investment, as they can take years of use and abuse and remain none the worse for wear.


Most boys would love to receive a puppy for Christmas, but the idea of giving pets as Christmas gifts does not have to be so limited in scope. Pets, ranging from a simple ant farm set or goldfish to a kitten or puppy, make good choices for Christmas gifts for boys -- but only if the choice is made after careful consideration. Pets can teach boys responsibility and provide entertainment and companionship, but not all boys may be ready for such a responsible undertaking as caring for a pet on a daily basis. Young boys might do best with an ant farm, fish, or frog or turtle habitat, while older boys may be ready for a hamster, rabbit, cat, or dog. Of course, before giving a pet to a boy as a gift, the boy's parents should be consulted to ensure that the animal will be a good fit for their household.

Tech Gear

Most boys would love to receive the latest high-tech gadgets as gifts, making video games and game systems, computer games, handheld gaming systems, and cell phones some of the top Christmas gifts ideas for boys. Tech gear can be rather pricey, but most boys will be thankful to receive such highly coveted gifts under the tree. Some gift givers may feel disinclined to give these types of gifts, as most do not provide much in the way of brain stimulation or athletic activity, but others like the fact that exposing boys to new technology keeps them up with the times and helps them in a highly tech-savvy world. There are many educationally inspired video and computer games on the market that make good Christmas gifts for boys, especially for younger children.

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