The Best Gifts for Kids Under 20


During the holidays many people purchase gifts for the children in their extended families. In fact, this is a gift giving rule for many families, especially large ones. Adults really don't want or need anything and they get their pleasure watching children open their presents. In many families anyone under the age of 20 is considered a kid, whether the child thinks so or not. Here are the best gifts for kids under 20 years of age.


Books aren't considered taboo and boring gifts any longer. With so many kids plugged in and tuned out from the world, collecting and reading books is now a cool, hip thing to do. Younger children enjoy books that make sounds and have pop-ups. Elementary school children enjoy books that tell enormous tall tales that tap into their imaginations. Teens and 20 year olds enjoy personality quiz books, books on famous singers and actors or the latest book in a popular series they've been reading. Other books ideas for teens include journals, hobby books, dating books and makeover books.


You can't go wrong with giving a kid under 20 years of age an electronic gadget. Even if a child already has something similar, no doubt there will be an upgrade model to most anything they do have, as well as something new on the market that they don't have. Ideas include high-tech walkie-talkies, cameras, cell phones, ipods, mp3 players, hand held gaming systems and other gadgets.


No matter the age of the children---whether they are two or 20, they are into culture whether they know it or not. Gift a two or three year old with a DVD of their favorite movie or cartoon and they'll be your friend for life. Older children will adore dolls of their favorite characters, or tee shirts of their favorite sports team, player, actor or singer. Teens and your special 20 year old will appreciate DVDs and CDS and tickets to a local movie theater. If you are uncertain what music or movies to purchase, simply give them a gift card.

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