Inexpensive Gifts to Make for Christmas


Christmas can be the season of excess. It's smart to pinch a few pennies and save money whenever you can. Giving inexpensive gifts for Christmas is a good way to keep your bottom line low. Don't spend a lot of time shopping for cheap deals. Make inexpensive gifts to give the people on your Christmas list.

Personalized Stationary

Stationary is something we love to have but few of us buy it for ourselves. Make some personalized stationary for your family and friends. Start with some quality paper and envelopes. Use your computer and some clip art software to create a set of stationary for everyone. You could print their initials on the top along with their favorite flower or image. On the back flap of the envelopes print their initial and preprint their address on the upper left hand corner of the front. Put 15 pieces of paper and 10 envelopes in a pretty paper box. If you like, give each set a quick, light spray of lavender scent for an extra touch of love. Wrap the box and you have a ready to give present.

Sewing Kits

Put together some items to make a handy sewing kit. Start by cutting a 6 inch circle from some cotton fabric. Use a cotton fabric with a Christmas motif on it. Stuff the circle with cotton balls. Draw up the fabric and secure it with a rubber band. Tie a pretty red Christmas ribbon around it to hide the rubber band. You've just made a pincushion. Stuff the pincushion with pins. Place some inexpensive sewing notions to give as a sewing kit. Use unused baskets from around your house or take a trip to the thrift store to find baskets. If the baskets don't look pretty spray paint them red or green. Allow them to dry before filling them. Besides your handmade pincushion add cheap spools of thread and a pair of sewing scissors. Cover your homemade sewing kit with a cellophane bag. Set the basket inside the bag and draw the bag up. Secure it at the top with a fancy, inexpensive Christmas bow.


One thing people love to receive at Christmas is food. It makes life easier to have something handy to eat after a day full of Christmas celebrating. This year give a sweet dessert for a gift. Make a pie, cake or cookies ahead of time. Proficient cooks should use their favorite recipes and bake plenty to give. The more baking challenged could use premade cookie dough and bake them at home. Fill up cookie tins you may have around your house or decorative plates that aren't being used. Wrap them in cellophane and place a tag on them. On the tag give a short Christmas greeting and tell the gift receiver what the dessert is.

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