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Hanging and stuffing Christmas stockings is a tradition that millions adhere to. What we stuff Christmas stockings with depends on the age of the child, teen or adult whose stocking is being stuffed. There are numerous ways to stuff a stocking and you don't have to wait until Christmas to begin your stocking stuffing.


There are many legends regarding the first use of stocking stuffers. However, one stands out among them. A father many years ago had three daughters but very little money. Due to his lack of finances he was worried that his daughters may never marry because he couldn't provide a dowry. At that time they used to dry their stockings at the fireplace. A man by the name of St. Nicholas heard of the poor man's troubles and while the man was sleeping, he slipped down the chimney and put a bag of gold coins into each daughter's stocking. Since that time this tradition has been celebrated around the world.

Time Frame

You don't need to wait until the last minute to collect stocking stuffers. Throughout the year, instead of eating a full adult meal at a fast food chain, choose the kids' meal that comes with a toy. Save the toy for the child's stocking. If you only did this once a month you would have 12 toys to put in the stocking. In addition, while you are out grocery shopping pick up a few stocking stuffers. There are many simple items that can be picked up right in the grocery store.


Some ideas for kids' stocking stuffers are bubbles, crayons, tattoos, stickers, silly putty, die cast cars, yo-yos, paint, a deck of cards, gum, candy, money, personalized pencils, flashlight, book light, silly straws, magnets with their name on it, bike license plates with their names, silly string, small animal figurines, their favorite cookies, a bag of chips or a play sword.


Your stocking stuffers will be quite different for teens. Things like digital cameras, money, movie gift certificates, gas cards, make-up, magazines, personalized stationary, prepaid phone, gift certificate for a manicure, massage, razors, and sunglasses are just some of the many ideas that you can gleam from to stuff your teen's stocking. The most important thing to consider is the individual you are buying them for. Always try and tailor the stocking stuffing for the teen in your life to match his or her interests.


Adult stocking stuffers will be quite different. Things like audio tapes, collapsible umbrellas, perfume, cologne, ties, Christmas ornaments, book lights and gift certificates make good stuffers for grown-ups. Whatever you choose to stuff your stockings with, you will be participating with millions in this tradition of stuffing stockings at Christmas.

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