Ideas for "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" Art Activities


Many readers love "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," Dr. Seuss's holiday classic. For those who want a permanent reminder of the grumpy green guy, there are several art projects you can try, from simple to challenging, that pay homage to all things Grinch.

Simple: Max's Antler

Make Max the dog's reindeer antler, a project suitable for small children. Simply cut out a single antler from cardboard. Then, paint it white. You can use something around the house, like a piece of a box, or buy poster board at the store. Remember: Max's antler was shaped in a curved half circle, with just a few prongs. Using a thick red ribbon, measure it around your head, from the top, all the way under your chin, and back up to the top again. Staple the ends of the ribbon together so you can slip the ribbon off and on, then tape the antler to the top.

Medium: Christmas Ornament

Make a Grinch Christmas ornament. This Grinch stuck-in-a-chimney ornament only takes a few supplies. You'll need glue, an empty film container, paint, thin ribbon, a 2-inch green pom-pom, glue, cotton balls and a green pipe cleaner. Paint the film container with red and white paint to resemble bricks and allow to dry. Then, cut an 8-inch piece of ribbon, and attach it to both top ends of the film container with glue. This will be your hook. Next, glue the cotton balls around the top edge of the film container, followed by the green pom-pom (which you'll stick halfway inside, to resemble the Grinch's stuck bottom. Then, cut 2- to 3-inch pieces from the pipe cleaner, and glue them to the green pom-pom to form the Grinch's legs. Bend the bottom parts down to make feet, and you're finished!

Challenging: Light Bulb Ornament

Make a Grinch light bulb ornament. You'll need an old glass or wooden light bulb, acrylic paints, pencil, paint brushes, decorative snow, fine point permanent ink marker, thin ribbon, glue gun and clear matte spray sealer. Wash and dry the light bulb, then paint it with two base coats of green paint. Put two coats of red paint on the metal part of the bulb. Then, work on the Grinch's face, using yellow as the base and thinned green paint on top to get the color just right. Allow it to dry. Then, take a pencil and trace the Grinch's face on, using the photo link below as a guide. Most of the Grinch's features will be painted green, except for the eyes, which are burgundy for the pupil and yellow for the iris. Once the paint is dry, use the permanent marker to outline the facial features. Use hot glue to attach the ribbon for a hanger, then use hot glue to attach snow to the top and bottom of Grinch's Santa "hat." Coat all with clear matte spray.

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