Easy Sewing Crafts for Christmas

Christmas crafts can be a fun way to celebrate the holidays, and some easy sewing projects can help get you in the mood for some festive fun. Projects--such as Santa hats, stockings and ornaments--can be easily made with just a bit of sewing skills and can be completed quickly and easily.

Santa Hat

A Santa hat is an iconic accessory for the holiday season, and the famous red triangle topper can be made with just a bit of sewing. The base of the hat is just two red fabric pieces shaped like identical triangles--sewing these panels together on the sides and leaving the bottom open for the head to fit makes the hat complete. You can use fabric glue to attach a white fluffy trim along the bottom and a bit of fluff to the top point. Fabrics like fleece and felt work best for these hats.


Stockings are an important holiday decoration as they act as the secret hiding place for treasures from Santa. A basic stocking is easy to make with just a bit of sewing. Cut out two identical pieces of fabric in the classic J-shape of a stocking, and sew a seam to attach the pieces together at the sides. Make sure to leave the top open for a place to hide small presents. If you want to make a clean hem at the top without adding more sewing steps, try using some iron-on hem tape, which gives the same look and can be found at most craft stores.


Ornaments are a good craft as they work well as a keepsake for your family or as gifts to give your friends or relatives. Fabric ornaments shaped like little cones or pockets make cute ornaments that double as tree holders for items like pine cones, peppermints and candies. Try twisting a 6-inch long piece of fabric into a cone shape and running one vertical seam along its edge to secure the cone, keeping its shape. You can use hot glue to attach a piece of ribbon for a hook, cutting down on further sewing.

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