Christian Handprint Crafts for Christmas

Christmas crafts provide a fun, creative way to teach children about generosity, kindheartedness, outreach, and the religious implication of Christmas during the holiday season. Add a personal aspect to such Christian Christmas crafts at home or during Sunday School by choosing to make crafts that use paper handprints in their design.

Blessings Jar

Teach or practice generosity during the Christmas season with this handprint craft from Busy Bee Kids Crafts. Trace two handprints onto a piece of green paper, then trace a heart-shaped cookie cutter or template onto a piece of red paper. Write "Merry Christmas" or "Wishing you Christmas blessings" on the heart. Glue the heart to an empty jar and then glue the two handprints to the jar as well, one on each side of the heart, fingers pointing toward the heart. It should appear as though the handprints are holding onto the jar. Then, write encouraging Bible verses and short prayers onto long strips of red and green construction paper. Fold each strip in half and drop it into the jar, along with a handful of festive candies. As a finishing touch, tie a piece of ribbon around the top of the jar. (See Reference 1) Give the jar as a gift to anyone you feel needs to be reminded of God's love during the holiday season.

Handprint Giving Tree

Use this craft from the Sunday School Crafts website to mimic or explain the giving trees found in many churches during the Christmas season, bearing paper ornaments listing things to be done for people in need. Trace and cut out 10 handprints from green construction paper. Glue four handprints together side by side, allowing them to overlap a bit. This will form the bottom layer of boughs for the tree. On top of that layer, glue three more, and continue working your way up the tree, with two handprints, then with just one. (See Reference 2) When the Christmas tree shape has been glued into place, cut out a star from yellow paper and circles from red paper and write kindnesses that can be done as gifts, such as "Visit the lonely in nursing homes," "Pray for soldiers" and "Volunteer at a food pantry."

Handprint Angel

Use this handprint angel craft from the Preschool Playbook website to bring to mind the angels of the Lord during the Christmas season. Trace a regular handprint onto a piece of white construction paper. Then, trace onto a colored piece of construction paper a handprint with no space between the four fingers, and the thumb set a bit apart from the fingers. Glue the closed handprint to the palm of the open hand with the thumb facing to the right. Make sure that the lower part of the palm of the white handprint is covered by the closed handprint. Trace and cut a circle from a piece of skin-colored construction paper to serve as the angel's head, and decorate the circle with hand-drawn facial features and a halo around the forehead made of glitter. (See Reference 3)

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