Ideas for a Christmas Photography Background

The holidays provide photographers with constant opportunities for taking pictures. Natural settings can offer apprpriate backgrounds for the photographer's subjects, but they can be unpredictable depending on the weather. Indoor backgrounds for Christmas photography do not have the same realistic look of natural settings, but control of lighting and wind direction lies in the hands of the photographer.


Photograph a family in front of a fireplace lined with stockings. To avoid problems with lighting from the fire competing with the flash, have the fire extinguished or burning low.


The photo with Santa is a rite of passage for many children at Christmas time. Rather than dragging Junior to the mall, rent a Santa suit for a large family member to wear. Have the children pose for pictures on his lap as he sits in a large chair with a Christmas tree or decorations in the background to create a look similar to the Santa's village found at the center of many American malls.

Christmas Wrap and Cards

For a fast backdrop for next year's card, open the presents, then take several pieces of the same color of wrapping paper and drape them over a large sofa or door, using tape to hold the paper in place if needed. Seat the subjects on the floor in front of the Christmas wrap-covered sofa or have them stand in front of the decorated door. Alternatively, attach Christmas cards to a wall above the subjects so that both the cards and the people remain visible in the picture.

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