How to Make a Fairytale Parade Float


A parade float gives you the chance to showcase your creativity. A fairytale themed float takes this to a whole new dimension. You can create a world as magical and extreme as you can think up. With a few basic materials, you can create a memorable float that gives you a chance to indulge your fancy. The more help you can get, the more diverse the design contributions will be.The more extravagant and ambitious your fairytale float, the more attention it will garner. The trick, of course, is to still exercise enough restraint that the float remains tasteful, while suggesting something from another world.

Making a fairytale float

Step 1

Locate a moderate to large flatbed trailer with a strong working hitch. You will want to make sure you have enough room for the display as well as a few live participants in costume. Having characters in dress will bring greater attention because floats featuring people are consistently some of the most popular.

Step 2

Recreate a well-known scene from fairytale lore. The audience will have a stronger reaction to what is being presented if it taps into memories going back to their childhood. The Brothers Grimm is an excellent source of inspiration; these tales are part of the popular consciousness and many will resonate with parade audiences.

Step 3

Construct a central building or landscape feature, such as a small country house, using cardboard materials. This will allow a place for some of the characters to conceal themselves until a dramatic moment occurs and they can suddenly appear. A good fairytale parade float should strive to present some kind of theatrical effect.

Step 4

Use gauze draped over elements of the float to create a dreamier appearance. If the parade is at night, you can add mood lighting to further amplify this effect. You should never underestimate how changing the lighting can cause the audience to see even normal objects in completely different ways.

Step 5

Incorporate a monster into the float if the fairytale you choose permits. Staging a conflict between good and evil will add a moral component that directly reflects the structure of fairy tales themselves. Any hairy mask and robe will serve the purpose for a generic wild man of the woods, a common trope of many traditional tales.


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