Christmas Fund Raising Ideas


People who can afford to will contribute money to Christmas fundraisers. If you represent an organization, you and your volunteers must design a fundraiser that appeals to the holiday spirit in fundraiser participants and generates donations for a good cause. Here are some fundraising ideas to be used year after year.

Winter Program

The winter program is the Christmas event that gets the whole organization involved. One person or a committee is needed to organize the contents of the program, including caroling, musical performances, dances, plays or a combination of performances. The organization sells tickets to the event. The ticket sales will go entirely to the fundraiser because the performers contribute their efforts to the winter program for free.


The auction or silent auction is another effective Christmas fundraiser that is appropriate for any Christmas party, business function, program, parade or event. The fundraising group can solicit donated Christmas gifts such as gift baskets, gift certificates, decorations, lawn and home light displays and other gifts for a silent auction, which is an auction that uses written bids rather than an auctioneer. If the silent auction is paired with a food, performance or dance, more people can be attracted.

Evergreen Sales

Selling Christmas trees and wreaths is a great way for an organization to reach out to the community. Whether the organization takes orders in advance and contracts with a Christmas tree supply company to ship directly on a certain date, or the organization sells trees and wreaths at a tent until supplies run out, evergreens have versatile appeal. At a tent event, the organization can offer other features to attract customers, including Christmas performances, supervised activities for kids so parents can go Christmas shopping, caroling, a lights display or a live or still Nativity scene. The event can also include sales of food, beverages, crafts, games and other holiday items.

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