Fundraising Ideas for a Christmas Bazaar


If you're in charge of your organization's Christmas bazaar, you may be fresh out of original fund-raising ideas. Baked goods, homemade crafts and Christmas ornaments are all good traditional sellers, but you might want to kick things up a notch this year.There are plenty of fund raising ideas to implement at the Christmas bazaar.

Let Them Eat Even More Than Cake

Baked goods are traditional at a bazaar, and you'll certainly want to include plenty of cakes, pies and fresh cinnamon rolls. Expand your bake shop this year by turning it into a tea room. Offer delicious sandwiches and salads, along with drinks and desserts by the slice. Tired shoppers will be glad to take a break from browsing and get a bite to eat. You can also have pre-made casseroles ready to go home with your shoppers. Have committee members make them ahead of time and freeze them. If you have a freezer at the bazaar, you can sell the casseroles frozen and advertise them as a quick-homemade meal during a busy season.

Make it Personal

If you have a committee member who likes to sew, sell beautiful Christmas stockings in velvet or other Christmas fabric, and take orders to monogram them. Have someone make baby clothes that you can sell along with orders to personalize them with the little one's name.

Say Cheese

Find someone to dress up like Santa and you'll be overrun with children wanting to hand over their Christmas lists. Secure a volunteer who takes good pictures, and you can make some extra cash by selling photos with Santa.

Letters to Santa

Include a letters to Santa booth in your bazaar. For a small price, children can write letters on decorated paper and mail them. Think about having a photographer at this booth, also.

Make a Bid

A silent auction is always a winner. Get items donated and put a sheet beside each one where people can bid. At the end of the day, the highest bidder wins. If your silent auction goes on for several hours, this will keep your shoppers around all day if they're trying to win something special. Besides gift items, you can include gift certificates and services in your auction.

Find a Star

If you can get someone well-known in the area to make an appearance, you're certainly likely to get more people. And more people means more shopping. Even a local celebrity, such as a sports figure, author or the weatherman, will bring in extra folks.

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