Partridge in a Pear Tree Crafts

In the tradition of the "Twelve Days of Christmas," some crafts people choose to re-create all of the items listed in the song. If that seems a daunting task, create holiday crafts using the first-day gift, the partridge in a pear tree. Crafts depicting the partridge can range from the edible to the elegant beauty of a wall hanging. Whether you are creating a number of pears to eat, or just a few to hang, the "Twelve Days of Christmas" and the partridge can enhance your holiday décor.

Partridge in a Pear Tree Gingerbread

Instead of the typical gingerbread house, create a gingerbread tree and hang pears on the tree. A bright-colored partridge will complete the look. Use royal icing in squeeze-cake decorating bags to mold tiny pears on the tree. For a three-dimensional twist, cut two tree shapes and miter them at 90-degree angles and stand the tree up on a covered board.

Dough Ornaments

Prepare ornament dough and cut it into multiple pear shapes along with a partridge. Using tempera or acrylic paints, decorate the pears by blending the green and yellow colors. Paint the partridge and insert ribbon through a hole for hanging.

Partridge Wall Hanging

Using quilting squares, bits of fabric and felt, quilt a wall hanging of the pear tree. Make small pears to hang over the 12 days. Stitch a larger-sized partridge and place it on the tree. Use buttons and trim for embellishment.

Stocking Kits

Use the partridge in a pear tree as the design idea for a Christmas stocking. Crafting kits can supply all of the necessary items to put together an attractive stocking. Decorate the stocking with the partridge and pear tree.

Christmas Bulb

Using foam paper and foam cutouts, create the partridge shape. Trace and cut out a tree shape using brown foam. Glue the additional pear shapes at intervals on the tree. Thread string at the top and hang the ornament at a window so light shows through the branches.

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