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Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by crafting a decoration that is Christian in nature. Read the story of the night of Christ's birth, and make a craft or two that will remind you of that holy night. Choose crafts that are easy to do so you can make them with your children. In addition, because Christmas can be hard on the budget, choose crafts that are inexpensive but will remind your children of the miracle of Jesus' birth.

Angel Materials

Gather together materials needed to make an angel. You will need an empty soda bottle (one-liter size), white craft glue, wax paper, glitter and some string or twine. You also will need a small, lightweight round ornament to use as the head and a pipe cleaner for a halo.

Make the Angel's Body

Cut the bottom off the plastic bottle. Cut the string into 12-inch sections. Cut ten sections to start, and then cut more as needed as you work on the project. Dip each strand of string into the glue until it is completely covered. If the glue is very thick, add water to make it a bit thinner; it should be the consistency of whole milk or cream. Wrap the strands around the plastic bottle. Push them closely together so you can't see the bottle. While the glue is still wet, sprinkle the body liberally with glitter.

Make the Angel's Wings

Lay out a piece of wax paper. Dip string into the glue and create an outline of an angel's wings. Fill in the outline with coiled pieces of more glue-covered string. Cover the wings with glitter while they are still wet. Let the wings dry completely and carefully peel them up off the wax paper. Glue them to the angel's body and add glue and glitter to the back of the wings. Glue the ornament (hook down) to the top of the bottle. Add a "halo" to the angel with a pipe cleaner, and place the angel on top of your tree or in another place of honor.

Flameless Wreath Materials

Create a no-flame Advent wreath that is safe for little ones to touch. You will need four empty toilet paper rolls, one empty paper towel roll, a round piece of Styrofoam, some pine tree branches and yellow or orange tissue paper, and pink, green, white and purple construction paper.

Make the Wreath

Cover three of the empty toilet paper rolls with pink construction paper and one with purple construction paper. Cover the paper towel roll with white paper and the round Styrofoam disk with green paper. Carefully insert the four toilet paper rolls into the disk so they are spaced evenly. These are your four "Sunday" candles. Place the white Christ candle (the paper towel roll) in the middle. Stuff yellow or orange tissue paper down each tube. When it comes time to "light" each candle, let your child pull the tissue paper up to make a flame. Cover the disk with branches to finish off the Advent wreath. For more about how to use an Advent wreath, visit the link in the resource section below.

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