Making Christmas Hand Fans

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Creating Christmas Hand Fans

Make pretty Christmas hand fans by creating a pattern for the body of your fan from one sheet of 8 1/2-by-11 inch copy paper. The pattern can vary in size and design as the creator may desire a star, Christmas tree, an angel or the shape of an ornament. Lay the pattern on the white side of red or green mat board that's a little larger than the pattern, and mark the outline with a pencil. Cut out the body of the fan. Using the same pattern, mark and cut the design on patterned or decorative paper. If possible, cut more than one piece at the same time.

Assembling the Main Parts

Lay the decorated paper onto the white side of the mat board, and match with the sides to make sure they are both cut correctly and line up. Lay the patterned paper aside and cover the mat board (white side) with white glue, brushing with a 1-inch foam brush for even distribution. Lay the patterned paper on top and smooth flat with your fingers from the center to the sides, removing any air bubbles. Leave space on the bottom to insert one end of a Popsicle stick (about 1 inch), and secure to the body of the hand fan with a hot glue gun. Let cool.

Embellishing the Fan

Select a variety of embellishments such as red or green ribbons and bows, lace, beads, tassels, bells, little Christmas ornaments or other themed decorations. Arrange them as desired, and secure them to the body of the fan with a hot glue gun to create a Christmas hand fan. (Adult assistance with a hot glue gun is necessary to avoid any injuries when children may work on this project.)

Celebrating the Holiday

Make each one a little different as conversation pieces. Create the hand fans as party favors, festive gifts, as decorations on a place setting or as a seating place card with the guest's name on it. Another way to use them is to simply lay them randomly around the house where family and guests can find and use them. Materials can also be fabrics with holiday prints, buttons, and Christmas ornaments made with "peel-and-stick" colored foam. Children can even color or paint Christmas-themed pictures or scenes on plain white hand fans.

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Photo by: Hand fan & photo by Natasha Lawrence

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