How to Celebrate Christmas in Mexico

A giant lighted pinata during the Christmas season in Mexico City, Mexico. image by Photo by Maria Herrera.


Are you looking to avoid a white Christmas by heading south of the border? If the snow and the chill typically associated with Christmas aren't necessarily your cup of tea, consider celebrating the holidays in Mexico. While you're at it, you may as well become acquainted with the way the locals do it--you may find that your Christmas journey was worth more than the chance to simply skip out on the cold.

Step 1

Purchase a pinata--papier-mache in the form of a Christmas symbol that is filled with small gifts or sweets.

Step 2

If a group of people shows up at your door (in remembrance of the search of Joseph and Mary for a place to stay in Bethlehem), let them in and break the pinata together, then share the spoils.

Step 3

Set up a small nativity set in your house, complete with a manger, Joseph and Mary figurines, animals, an angel, shepherds and the wise men. On Christmas Eve, place the figurine representing the baby Jesus in its spot in the tableau.

Step 4

Exchange gifts on Christmas day.

Step 5

On January 6, surprise your children with gifts--a tradition meant to represent the gifts of the Three Wise Men.

Things You'll Need

  • Pinata
  • Nativity set
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Photo by: Photo by Maria Herrera.

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