How to Help a Senior Citizen Enjoy Christmas


Christmas is probably a time to spread and receive joy and love. You spend time with family and friends enjoying good food, gift exchanges and making happy new memories. Unfortunately, for some people Christmas is a time of sadness. Many senior citizens who live in retirement communities or who live in homes of their own, do not have many relatives or friends to celebrate the holidays with them. You can spread Christmas cheer to older adults in your neighborhood or at a local continuing care community.

Step 1

Invite an elderly neighbor or couple to join your family for a holiday meal. Open your home and your hearts to someone who has no family nearby and who is not up for cooking her own Christmas meal. Include her in your family for the day while you share a good meal, tasty treats and an abundance of holiday cheer.

Step 2

Help a senior citizen in your neighborhood to decorate for Christmas. You might have an older neighbor who would like to decorate, but simply cannot do so on his own. Offer to help your neighbor put up his Christmas tree. If he needs help purchasing a Christmas tree, you can take him to a local tree farm or even pick out a beautiful tree for him. Spend an afternoon decorating your neighbor's house so that he can enjoy the season with a fully decorated house.

Step 3

Invite a senior citizen you know to attend a Christmas function with you. Ask if she would like to go with you to see Christmas lights or to attend your children's Christmas pageant. Invite your older friend to see the Christmas boulevard or holiday display in your town. Make an effort to help a senior citizen to get out and about over the holidays so that he can take part in fun events and be around other people.

Step 4

Go Christmas caroling at a local continuing care community. Take your children with you as well. Children can bring a smile to the faces of older individuals who are feeling lonely at Christmas time. Sing your favorite holiday songs as you walk up and down the halls of the retirement community. Encourage the residents to sing along.

Step 5

Determine if a local nursing home accepts Christmas gifts for residents who do not have family. They will often have a list of items that the residents need. Create a gift basket with these items. Try to think of a fun gift as well that you can include in their holiday basket. Do not buy candy and other treats without checking with the community's staff. Some residents have diabetes and other health conditions and can only eat certain treats.

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