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Herbert Hoover and his wife devoted themselves to traveling around the world spreading a message of peace and goodwill to others. Christmas spent around the world became special to the Hoovers. At the Herbert Hoover Museum, an exhibit honors their devotion to peace, Christmas and helping others around the world. The Christmas Around the World exhibit at the museum serves to share the Hoovers' love of the holiday with visitors to the museum.


The origins of one of Christmas's most famous songs can be traced to Austria. "Silent Night" first became a Christmas tradition many years ago in the small Austrian church in which the composer wrote it. Create a Christmas scene art project using dark navy colored construction paper, brown construction paper and chalk pastels. First, draw an outdoor, rural winter scene of a small village on snow-covered hills. Use yellow pastels to add the look of candle light in the windows of the homes in the village scene. Draw wreaths on the doors of the homes. In the center of the village scene, add an outdoor, lit Christmas tree. Be sure to add many small stars in the dark sky over the village. When finished drawing, attach the brown paper window frame over the starry night scene using tape or glue.


The English burn a yule log in fireplaces over the holiday season. Create a paper reproduction as a decoration by rolling many newspapers together to form a log shape. Secure with masking tape then cover with more strips of newspaper dipped in a papier mache mixture. After drying, paint the yule log with brown paint to resemble a real log. To create a decorative holiday item, attach a sprig of real or artificial holly, red berries and a ribbon to the top of the log with hot glue.


Lebkuchen, or gingerbread houses, reside in most German homes over Christmas. Create a decorative gingerbread house using a small, square box. After securing the box shut, hot glue two pieces of cardboard to the top of the house to form a V-shaped roof. Paint the entire box dark brown and then sponge over the paint lightly with a slightly lighter brown to create a gingerbread look. Purchase small wrapped candies and hot glue them to the painted box so that it appears to be a real gingerbread house. Use spray snow to create the look of the icing snow often included on gingerbread houses.


In Mexico, a piñata can be found at the center of celebrations following the processions known as La Posada. Create a piñata from an extra large, helium quality balloon that has been blown up then covered with papier mache and left to dry. Once dry, paint the balloon and add any desired decorations. Cut a small opening in order to fill the piñata with candy. Attach a piece of monofilament to the piñata as a hanger.

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