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Weeds can overtake a lawn and prevent homeowners from creating the lawn look that they want. Weeds often have the ability to regrow after gardeners pull them out of the soil. Some weed sprayer applications can chemically kill the weeds, but homeowners must ensure that they use the weed sprayers properly.

Know Regulations

Some herbicides commonly used on weeds need licensed applicators. Other herbicides used on weeds come with heavy regulations and homeowners using these herbicides can suffer legal repercussions if they misuse the herbicides. As a result, you should make sure that you thoroughly understand the requirements surrounding the specific herbicide that you spray on weeds.

Beware of Wind

When spraying weeds using a weed sprayer, beware of wind. Wind can push the sprayed herbicides away from the intended location, which can cause other individuals to get sick or can lead to unintentional plants dying from the herbicide.

Avoid Ornamental Plants

You might accidentally spray herbicides on ornamental plants, which can kill or seriously damage these plants. To avoid this, avoid spraying the herbicide near the more valued plants. Also, avoid spraying the herbicides when children or pets are nearby because they might come in contact with the herbicide spray, resulting in injury.

Use the Coarse Spray

When spraying, adjust the pressure until the sprayer releases a coarse spray. A coarse spray will reduce the likelihood that the herbicides will drift in the wrong direction.

Wear Protective Clothing

Wear protective clothing when spraying herbicides. When herbicides get on the skin, the herbicides can cause skin irritation. Also, the herbicides can be harmful when accidentally swallowed or breathed in. If you breathe in the herbicides, move quickly to an area with fresh air. If herbicide gets on clothes, take those clothes off. If swallowed, call poison control and sip water if possible. Do not induce vomiting.

Beware of Water Sources

In most cases, you should not spray herbicides near water sources because the herbicide can run off and get into the water supply, which can cause adverse effects on the wildlife and can also harm humans by contaminating drinking water. However, there are some herbicides that are safe to use near water and some are specifically designed for killing weeds in water.

Don't Reuse Spray Bottles

Many herbicides come in spray bottles that you can purchase at a gardening store. These herbicides are usually not harmful to the environment except in large quantities. However, those using the spray bottles should not use the bottles for any other purpose, since the original herbicidal chemicals in the spray bottle can react poorly with newly added chemicals. The owner should mark the bottle "for herbicide use only."

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