Long Reach Tree Pruners


Long reach tree pruners are designed to easily access hard-to-reach parts of a tree or shrub that otherwise need a ladder to get to. The blades of the pruners are sharp enough to cut through softwood or hardwood trees, shrubs or vines, with or without thorns. Essential gardening tools for commercial and domestic gardeners, these tools provide a reach of 10 to 12 feet.


Not all models of long reach tree pruners are designed in the same way. The basic structure of the tool is the same, and is composed of three parts: the extended body, the pruners and the handle with a pump. The long body comes with additional attachments that increase its length by an additional 4 feet, and the handle features a comfortable hand grip. The pruners are usually made of aluminum because it is lightweight and easy to use while the blades are made of rust-resistant chrome.


Long reach pruners allow you to prune safely from the ground without the danger of using a ladder to prune tall trees or shrubs. It also saves time and effort. Although all the pruners are designed to extend and reach tight places, they vary in length from 2 to 48 inches, and in weight from 16 to 22 oz.


While the design of the long reach tree pruner may vary, the method of using the tool is the same. Squeeze the actuator pump on the handle to open or close the jaws or blades of the pruners. This simple action does not require any particular technique, except gripping the handle comfortably. Different pruners feature jaws intended for pruning branches of different thicknesses. The arm section of some long reach pruners features a swivel action that allows the jaws or blades of the tool to turn in any direction without moving the handgrip.

Special Features

The pruners provide safe and comfortable pruning while keeping your feet firmly on the ground at all times. Some pruners feature "Cut N' Hold" pruning heads that cut the branch without allowing it to fall and injure anyone below. When cut with the blades, the branch holder in the pruner holds the branch. This attachment is suitable for fruit picking, or for pulling out thorny branches, saving you from getting scratched.


The prices of long reach pruners vary according to the function and thickness of the blades. Inexpensive pruners cut up to 1/2-inch-wide branches or pick fruit on tall trees. They are not suitable for pruning thick branches. Although safe, always wear gardening gloves, a helmet and a face mask when using pruners.

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