Plant Bulb Watering Device


Some gardeners and homeowners do not have enough time to always water plants every day, while other gardeners give their plants too much water. To help solve both problems, companies have released watering bulbs, also known as watering balls or watering spheres. Manufacturers have developed plant bulbs that allow gardeners to provide their indoor plants with consistent water, which allows the gardener to control the amount of water released to the plant with minimal effort.


Gardeners fill the watering bulb with the same kind of water they would normally use on the plants. After filling the bulb, the gardener places a stopper that came with the bulb into the tube. The stopper is made out of elastomeric material that can expand and contract as the water quantity in the bulb changes. Gardeners place the watering bulbs in the soil at an angle.

Time Frame

The watering bulb will water the plant for one to two weeks, depending on how large the watering bulb is. The gardener can use multiple watering bulbs if necessary.


Manufacturers make the plant bulbs out of hand-blown glass. Manufacturers make the glass decorative so gardeners will like how the bulbs look in their flowerpots and vegetable beds. They usually color the glass, sometimes with multiple colors and with decorative swirls, but they must make the bulb clear enough for the gardener to see how much water is in the bulb so the gardener will know when to refill the bulb.


Manufacturers make the tube that delivers the water to the soil out of glass or ceramic. The water does not come out of the tube if the soil has enough moisture for the plant.


Watering bulbs benefit the plants, since the plants are never overwhelmed with the water. Instead of waiting for water, which can lead to a loss of water pressure and wilting, or instead of getting too much water, which can cause root rot, the plants get just the right amount of water. Root rot results from fungi infecting the plant's roots, a very difficult disease for the gardener to help the plant overcome. Also, the watering bulb wastes a minimum amount of water since the tube directs the water right at the plant's roots, minimizing the amount of water that might evaporate, saving the gardener money by reducing the water bill.

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