Professional Lawn Treatment


Professional lawn care services maintain the lawns of their clients. Lawn care services provide convenience, save time and eliminate the need for locking up fertilizers, which homeowners have to store in locked, ventilated and waterproof areas. Also, the fertilizers can harm the environment if applied improperly and homeowners definitely should not apply most pesticides.

Choosing the Company

When choosing a lawn care company to treat the lawn, the homeowner can check with their reputation by asking friends and neighbors who have hired the lawn care company. The homeowner should also check to see if the professional lawn company has a license, insurance and membership to a professional organization.

Time Frame

Professional lawn companies try to apply lawn treatments as close to the ideal time as possible. Usually, the company applies these lawn treatments in two different applications so that the lawn does not have too much fertilizer at one time.


The homeowner should not apply any more fertilizer than the lawn company applies since some nutrients, like nitrogen, can burn the lawn if applied excessively. Usually, the company applies the fertilizer in liquid form and uses at least nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The company also sometimes adds calcium and iron. Lawns sometimes develop specific pests that can destroy the lawn, such as white grubs. Since the chemicals used to treat these pests will harm the environment if not applied properly, homeowners should hire professional lawn treatment specialists. The company should provide the homeowner with a list of the chemicals applied to the lawn upon request. Sometimes, the company instructs the homeowner to water the lawn so that the pesticides activate.


When a professional lawn company applies the lawn treatments, it often recommends separate actions that the homeowner can take to maximize the health of the lawn, such as performing specific amounts of irrigation and mowing.


The homeowner should report the professional lawn treatment company if the company sprays pesticides or fertilizers into nearby water streams (unless the pesticides are water-safe). Pesticides can get into the drinking water and harm humans and animals. The fertilizer can create algae blooms that can wreck ecosystems. During the pesticide treatment, the homeowner should remove furniture, toys and sports equipment so that the pesticide sprays do not contaminate these items. The company generally leaves a sign behind to warn others about the chemicals on the lawn. The company will tell the homeowner when to remove the warning sign.

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