What Are the Benefits of Bolens Push-Behind Mowers?

MTD is a company that dates back to 1932 and now manufactures -- among other brands -- Yard-Man, Yard Machines and also Bolens mowers. The Bolens name dates back to 1850; it is this company that introduced the first garden tractor in 1919. Garden Way owned Bolens but sold it to MTD in 2001. In 2010, Bolens' push-behind mowers continue to feature a fixed-blade design that the manufacturer installs in push mowers, as well as self-propelled mowers.

Choice of Speed

MTD designs its Bolens mowers to operate either at a predetermined single speed or at an adjustable variable tempo. The variable-speed models go as fast as 3.21 miles per hour, while the single-speed machines operate in a range from 2.0 to 3.68 miles. This speed differential benefits gardeners of varying walking ability levels. It also enables the landscaper to choose a suitable pace for the terrain's makeup. In the case of commercial applications for this mower, this advantage comes into play when dealing with all types of varying landscapes.

Easy Pushing

The manufacturer compares the over-sized rear wheel design detail to the popular baby carriage blueprint that features larger rear wheels to make pushing easier. Due to this design setup, the landscaper maneuvers more smoothly across slightly uneven or otherwise difficult ground. Professional landscapers or gardeners with varying turf conditions in their yard appreciate this detail.

Mulch Kit Availability

Landscapers have the option of retrofitting their Bolens mower to feature mulching capabilities. This benefit applies to models that left the assembly line after 1992. It is interesting to note that owners of walk-behind mowers that already feature a blade capable of mulching -- such as an all-purpose or three-in-one blade -- usually only need to purchase a "mulch plug." This little gadget seals the mower's deck and thereby affects the airflow that circulates below-deck in such a manner as to encourage grass clip mulching.

Handle Durability

MTD explains that its brackets and handles last for the entire life of the lawnmower. It is possible for the handle to loosen if the owner chooses to work the machine on inappropriate terrain or abuses the machine. That being said, Bolens mower handles perform well on inclines up to 15 degrees, which is a lot steeper than many homeowners usually face in their yards.

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