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Axiom is a pre-emergent herbicide marketed by the Bayer corporation. It contains the active ingredients flufenacet and metribuzin and is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency for use in field corn, corn grown for seed and corn grown for silage.

Active Ingredients

Flufenacet is in the thiadiazole family of chemicals and works by inhibiting the division of plant cells, thus preventing their growth. Metribuzin inhibits photosynthesis, the process by which plants turn energy from the sun into carbohydrates they need to grow.


Agronomists at Iowa State University say that Axiom may be incorporated in both dry and liquid fertilizer. They recommended applying Axiom before corn is planted or during its planting, but before corn or weeds appear. If it is applied to the surface of the ground, two-thirds of the recommended rate should be applied 30 to 45 days before planting, and the rest applied when the corn is sowed. If it is incorporated into the soil, it should be applied in the top 1 to 2 inches of soil up to 14 days before the corn is planted.


Axiom should not be applied using irrigation systems or from the air. It should not be mixed or loaded within 50 feet of any lake, river, pond, reservoir, stream or well that is not capped or plugged. It should be mixed and loaded on pads that are impervious to water and properly diked.


Studies conducted by agronomists at the University of Arizona conclude that Axiom alone controlled 85 percent of pigweeds, lambs quarters and purslane, a figure that Arizona agronomists define as "acceptable." It gave near acceptable control of all weeds. When combined with Basagran, a post-emergent herbicide with the active ingredient, bentazon, it controlled 98 percent of weeds.


Care should be taken when spraying Axiom. Its active ingredients can collect and remain in wet or poorly drained soils for months. Contaminated soil on slopes or soil that is frequently flooded can pollute nearby surface water. It should not be applied to areas where groundwater could cause it to leach into coarse or permeable soil or where the water table is shallow. Although Axiom is approved for use by the EPA, it should not be inhaled or ingested. Long trousers, shirts with long sleeves, shoes and socks plus protective gloves should be used when handling Axiom. Hands and skin coming into contact with Axiom should be washed thoroughly.

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