Ornamental Plant Identification


Ornamental plants are those that are generally used as indoor houseplants or in outdoor gardens, for decorative purposes. Ornamental plants are grown primarily for display, instead of for functional reasons (for example: eating the fruit from the plant). Many different varieties of ornamental plants exist.


Some ornamental plants are cultivated for their attractive and brightly colored foliage, whether the leaves are evergreen (which means that they always remain green) or deciduous (which means that the leaves turn yellow, red and orange before dropping during autumn. Some varieties of leaves are considered to be particularly attractive, due to factors such as slender and long needles or lacy textures. Leaves with unusual colors (including silvery-gray) are also common in ornamental plants.


Many ornamental plants are grown for their showy blooms. Flowering ornamental plants are especially common, for both outdoor gardens and as houseplants. Many flowering plants are used also not only for their attractive appearances but for their pleasant fragrances. These include magnolias, gardenias, lilacs, roses, lilies, wisteria, honeysuckle, petunias, daffodils and plumeria.


Certain varieties of ornamental plants are cultivated for their shapes. Vine-like plants are cultivated to be trained into growing onto specific things, such as fences and trellises. Evergreen shrubs and trees are trained, by constant pruning and trimming, to create topiaries and hedges.


It is very easy to find and purchase ornamental plants. Ornamental plants can easily be found at nurseries and garden supply shops. In an individual is seeking a particularly rare ornamental plant, the majority of shops can help with special order requests.


Countless types of ornamental plants are out there. Some of the most popular ornamental plants are azaleas, sunflowers, white forsythia, Japanese maples, American century plants, agaves, roses, African blue lilies and Peruvian lilies.

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