Hydroponics in Closets


Using a closet can be a great way to cultivate hydroponic plants. Various equipment is used for closet growing, including using a grow closet, grow tent or box. Closet growing has quite a few advantages, especially during the winter when prices increase in grocery stores and produce markets. This method is gaining popularity as the price of produce continue to rise.

What is Closet Growing?

Closet growing consists of using a device--or an actual closet--for growing plants indoors. In fact, it is the most popular way to grow plants hydroponically. It can be a great way to cultivate plants because the closet, tent or box can be regulated to supply the specific needs of a particular plant.


There are quite a few advantages to closet growing. It's discreet, odorless (no odors escape from the closet) and speeds up the growth and development of plants. Furthermore, it's possible to custom build a closet, which is cheaper than buying a prefabricated one. It also diminishes disease and microorganism concerns. It's also possible to grow fruits and vegetables year round. Doing so can provide a cost savings during produce off-seasons when prices tend to be higher.

Common Problems

Since hydroponic plants are grown using only liquid, not soil, it's possible to have too much moisture while closet growing. To resolve this issue, use a hydrometer to measure humidity. Lack of heat can be a problem in the wintertime. Monitor the temperature and the grow closet, tent or box in the attic, garage or basement. Conversely, summer months can present the opposite problem--too much heat. Simply move the lamps away from the plants. Bugs can also be a problem during the summer. Check the plants regularly, and use natural pest control products and methods, if required.

Primary Equipment

For hydroponic closet growing, select which type of closet unit to use (grow closet, grow box, or grow tent). Measure the space available to ensure purchase of the proper-sized tent, closet or box. Next, select grow lights to provide a means for photosynthesis and warmth for the plants. A grow ventilator is also needed to help ensure photosynthesis. Be aware that, depending on the kind of closet unit purchased, additional equipment and supplies may come included.

Other Equipment

Other necessary supplies include a climate controller base, flood sensors and photo sensors The climate controller base manages the temperatures and humidity of the growing environment. It also turns fans on and off as needed. Flood sensors avoid accidents from occurring by closing parts of the system. Photo sensors detect light and control the lamps depending on whether it's day or night.

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