How to Fix a Rainbird Underground Sprinkler


Rainbird is a major manufacturer for irrigation tools such as sprinklers and underground irrigation systems. A broken underground sprinkler or pipe can cause a huge headache for a homeowner. Broken sprinkler heads may over-saturate or under-saturate a lawn, while broken pipes will cause dead areas or sunken portions of the lawn. Identify the source of the problem as soon as possible to prevent the water from killing off your lawn and landscaping.

Step 1

Locate a broken sprinkler head in the yard and measure an area around the sprinkler head 4 inches in diameter.

Step 2

Insert a spade slowly into the ground at an angle using the measurements as a guide to prevent damage to sprinkler head. Slowly insert the spade until you hit the sprinkler head. Remove the spade and continue cutting around the sprinkler head in the same manner.

Step 3

Pull up on the sod and lift it out of the hole slowly, trying not to break it. You will need to reinsert the sod once you are finished.

Step 4

Unscrew the sprinkler head from its assembly. Screw a new head onto the sprinkler and place the grass back on top if the sprinkler head unscrewed easily.

Step 5

Push a nipple extractor into a snapped-off riser if the sprinkler head does not remove right away. Turn it using a wrench to pull the riser out of the fitting. Insert a new riser and screw it into place until tight. Place a new sprinkler head onto the riser and screw into place.

Things You'll Need

  • Spade
  • Nipple extractor
  • Wrench
  • Sprinkler head


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