Electric Lawn Mower Maintenance


Electric lawn mowers are a convenience for homeowners with small yards. A 100-foot extension cord and an electrical outlet are the only power requirements for using such a mower. The electric motor is zero-maintenance under normal operating conditions. However, preventative maintenance is nonetheless necessary for other components on an electric lawn mower.

Mower Belly

Buildup of grass cuttings and debris reduces mower performance. The less power the electric motor requires to maintain blade rotation, the longer it will last. Cleaning the belly of the mower, as well as the blade, improves mower performance. Check and clean the underside of the mower after each use.

Grass Bag

To extend the life of the grass bag, periodically clean and wash it with fresh water and mild soap. Lightly brush the exterior of the bag with a medium bristled brush and set it in the sun to dry. Dirt and moisture accumulation in the grass bag contributes to dry rot. Additionally, airflow restriction through the bag, caused by a buildup of dirt and old grass, reduces the amount of grass clippings the bagger catches

Mower Blades

Sharp, well balanced, blades perform better than dull, unbalanced, blades. More importantly, such blades cause the electric motor to work harder while mowing. This not only draws more electricity, it causes premature wear on the motor. Inspect the blades twice each season. Look for nicks or bent blades. If blades are dull, or exhibit signs of damage, replace the blades with new ones of the same size.

Electrical Plug

The cord restraint and electrical plug on an electric lawn mower get a lot of use. Several times during a season, the cord is plugged and unplugged. During the course of using the mower, the plug experiences strains and pulls. Inspect the electrical connections and plug before each use. If the plug, or extension cord, show signs of fatigue, repair or replace them before using the mower.

Wheels and Axles

Keep the wheels and axle area clean. The accumulation of dirt and cuttings trapped between the wheels and axle will contribute to wear. If the wheels go unchecked, the excessive wear will eventually allow the wheels to wobble. Wobbling or loose wheels cause the mower to cut unevenly. Remove the wheels once each season and clean the axles with an oily rag.

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