Lawn Mower Pull Start Repair


Starter ropes are coiled around a wheel known as a pulley. When the rope is pulled, the pulley spins quickly. Of course, starter ropes break. The starter rope is subjected to a lot of heat when the lawn mower is running, which causes the rope to become damaged. When the starter rope is pulled, the rope can easily pull apart.


Broken starter ropes are usually very easy to repair. However, if care is not taken, the spring can be dangerous, because the spring is under a lot of pressure and can cause injury, according to Repair FAQ. Only people who understand the internal construction of the starter rope should try to fix it.


Ropes that don't do anything despite pulling out normally likely have a problem with the clutch, according to Repair FAQ. If this is because of a problem with the spring-rope assembly, this spring rope can usually be repaired. Otherwise, the clutch will have to be replaced. If the spring is broken, the spring will cause the cord to either not retract at all or not retract all the way. Like with all the other parts of the lawn mower, the broken spring is simply replaced with a new spring, according to Foot Flyer.


In some cases, the starter cord can be fixed by tying in a new cord. The string must be rotated several turns to get the spring to the right tension, according to Repair FAQ. The cord should then be tested to make sure it still functions properly.


With some pull rope starters, the entire mechanism of the pull cord needs to be dismantled. With other pull rope starters, the cord can be threaded into the mechanism and tied with a knot. The starter must then be rotated several turns to give the spring has the proper tension. This project requires at least three hands, so two people will have to work on the project.


Starter ropes should be lubricated regularly. However, when the lubrication for the internal workings of the starter rope become gummed up, the lubrication needs to be cleaned out, according to Repair FAQ. Otherwise, the pull string will not be able to ignite the engine. When fixing the spring, there's no point in trying to repair the broken spring because they're cheap. Even if the spring is successfully repaired, it will be more likely to break again in the future. Replaced springs usually last about 100 hours.


Lawnmower pulley systems are made out of many parts that can become damaged. These include the starter housing, spring cup, pulley, washer, brake spring, retainer, screw, spring, dog and a rope handle, according to Small Engine Repairs. Look at the manual that came with the lawnmower. This manual should contain images of how the parts should look when they're not damaged. If they are damaged, replace them.

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