Electric vs. Gas Lawn Mower


Though the grass may be greener on the other side, the tools used to get it to that verdant state may not be. Fortunately for the conscientious homeowner, a wide variety of environmental lawn mowers continue to be available to the public. It is now possible to have a healthy front lawn that will not only make the neighbors green with envy, but will save a little bit of the earth as well.

Lawn Mowers

The type of lawn mower that a homeowner needs depends on a number of factors. The size of the lawn, the necessity for mulching capabilities and the owner's own preferences will influence the type of mower the homeowner is interested in purchasing. Gas mowers come in large machines for riding over large areas. For smaller areas, push mowers suffice. Electric mowers also come in many varieties. Some versions come attached to a cord, while others are cordless.

Environmental Impact

Gas mowers have cornered the market on air pollution. Despite their diminutive size, gas mowers make a considerable contribution when it comes to unhealthy air. Even worse, older models often do not meet air quality standards. Electric mowers intend to address that issue. Though there is some environmental impact associated with electric mowers, the amount is minimal when compared to that of a gas mower.


Gas mowers have a slight edge over their electric counterpart. These mowers are larger, cover more ground and get the job done more quickly. Electric mowers are smaller and take just a bit longer. Electric mowers that work with a cord can be difficult to manage. Electric mowers that utilize batteries have approximately 45 minutes of use before the battery needs recharging. Gas mowers require a refill as well. When it comes to a specific lawn need, more options are available in gas mowers.


Electric mowers still tend to run slightly higher in price than their gas counterpart. The cost of gas and maintenance over time may even out this difference. Certain cities give price breaks when a gas mower is traded for an electric. If this option is available, the price difference for a similar style of mower is negligible.


Maintenance is where simplicity saves money. The electric mower shines in this area. When gas and oil are not used, maintenance is streamlined. The electric mower will save you money, as well as time in maintenance. On the downside, until the electric motor becomes mainstream, finding replacement parts may present some difficulty.

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