Lawn Mower Deck Repair


The lawn mower deck helps the mower clean and cut the grass uniformly. Like any piece of machinery, the deck can experience problems which require repairs and maintenance. One of the most common issues with decks is they get dirty.


Lawn mower decks can experience streaking, which are thin strips of uncut grass which can get caught and stuck in the deck. This can be caused by the lawn mower blades not being sharp enough. The lawn mower blades should be sharpened regularly so that streaking does not occur.


Lawn mower grass and particles under the deck should be cleaned out regularly to prevent streaking. Pieces of uncut grass can be left behind after going over the grass with the lawnmower deck. This results from blades that are not properly filed or from a lawn mower deck that is dirty. A power washer can be used to clean off dirt and grass very quickly and efficiently. Power blowers are also a good option.


If the lawn mower is not at the correct level, uneven cutting can result. The lawn mower deck should be adjusted so that the deck is even. An uneven deck can also result from poorly installed tires. An uneven deck can lead to scalping, which is when the grass is cut much too short. The uneven deck can also lead to jagged grass. This effect can also be caused by deflated tires, which will cause the deck to be too close to the grass. If the lawn mower blades are uneven under the deck, the lawn mower will cut the grass in a wavy pattern. The blades should be reinstalled, unless they are damaged. Then they should be replaced.


If the deck shell is damaged, the shell should be replaced. There is no way to repair this deck without expensive welding. Damaged spindles should be repaired or replaced. Otherwise, the lawn mower will cut the grass unevenly.

Deck Bearing Freezing

Lawn mower deck bearings can lock up or freeze, which usually indicates that they need to be replaced. Fortunately, lawn mower deck bearings are very cheap to replace, making locked up deck bearings the most affordable deck repair.

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