What Kind of Grass Is Patch Perfect?


Patch Perfect Grass is marketed on television as a "spread it 'n forget it" grass that is "like grass on steroids." It is touted as giving gardeners thick, fast, full grass that stays a luscious green all year, handles high traffic, neutralizes pet urine and grows in extreme heat and cold and in the shade. Pitch Perfect Grass is one of numerous blends of grass seeds sold primarily for overseeding lawns, but can also be used for starting a lawn.

Patch Perfect Contents

The contents of Patch Perfect Grass are listed on the label as required by law. Patch Perfect Grass includes 12.33 percent evening shade perennial ryegrass, 12.21 percent FA-155 tall fescue, 1.41 percent Baron Kentucky bluegrass and 1.39 percent boreal fine fescue. It contains .87 percent of other crop seeds and 71.79 percent inert matter. The inert matter, added to promote the germination of seeds, is 42.87 percent Terra-Mulch and 28.8 percent of Pinnacle seed coating.

Evening Shade Perennial Ryegrass

Evening shade perennial ryegrass is a dark-green hybrid grass developed for overseeding tees, fairways and greens of golf courses in the southern U.S. It is well suited to overseeding lawns. It grows low and requires less mowing. Its dark green color lasts into the fall and winter.

Baron Kentucky Bluegrass

Baron Kentucky bluegrass is a hybrid dwarf grass widely combined with fine fescues, ryegrasses and other bluegrass in grass mixtures marketed for lawns and golf courses. It is medium-green in color; its seeds germinate and grow quickly. Baron Kentucky bluegrass is drought resistant and good at tolerating fungal diseases that afflict turf.

FA-155 Tall Fescue

Tall fescue is a cool-season perennial grass that has deep roots. It grows in low-lying southern pastures and in the Pacific Northwest. It grows well in many kinds of soils in moderate climates. On a scale of 1 to 9, Iowa State University's National Tall Fescue Cultivator Evaluation program gave the 155 cultivator an 8 for color, 8 for greening up in the growing season and a 6 for the texture of its leaves.

Boreal Fine Fescue

Boreal fine fescue is another name for creeping red fescue that grows well in the shade. The seed is produced in the Pacific Northwest.


The success of any combination of grass seeds depends on the soil, climate, use and attention given to fertilizing, watering, mowing and other chores necessary to growing and maintaining an attractive lawn. Combinations of grass seeds are mixed and matched commercially to meet the needs of a wide variety of hot, cold, dry and wet climates plus soils ranging from clay to sand.

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