The Best Electric Lawn Edger


Lawn edgers are more powerful than other grass-trimming tools like string trimmers. Edgers are best for vertical cuts. Fortunately, there are some edgers that also convert into string trimmers. These edgers are useful for trimming areas near flower beds and other objects that might be damaged by a lawn mower. The best lawn edger can be gas, corded or battery-powered.

Corded Electric Edgers

Electric edgers generally do not require as much maintenance as gasoline-powered edgers. They are also not as expensive as gas-powered edgers. Electric powered edgers are also quieter. Those with smaller lawns can use a corded electric edger, but those with larger lawns will probably want a battery-powered edger. The best corded electric edger, according to the hardware website Galt Tech, is the Edge Hog 2-in-1 Landscape Edger. This edger gives the owner more flexibility by having three positions of blade depth. The edger may require an extension cord, however.

Battery Edger

The American Gardener YardStick 10-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Edger and Trimmer is a good option for those who cannot decide if they want a trimmer or an edger, since this tool converts into both. The battery lasts 45 minutes. Although Galt Tech says the YardStick is the best battery-powered edger, it is also very heavy.

Light Edger

The best light electric lawn edger is the Black and Decker Grass Hog, according to Electric Lawn Care Center, a website devoted to electric lawn care. This tool is able to perform both string trimming jobs and lawn edging jobs. It can be easily picked up and carried to any location that needs a good trimming. The maneuverability of this edger allows the owner to quickly trim small lawns. The power cord also allows owners to finish the job without having to recharge the battery. The Grass Hog has a depth adjustment and a safety release so the edger can be quickly stopped in the event something gets caught in it. In 2010, this edger was about $120.


Heavy duty edgers are usually gas-powered. While these more powerful gas models can do much larger trimming jobs in a reasonable time, they also release emissions that are bad for the environment. Heavy duty edgers are also noisier.


According to Aubuchon Hardware, a hardware store, rocks and other hard objects should be removed from the lawn before using an edger. Users also should wear protective goggles. While lawn edgers are not powerful enough to cut through clothing, they can cause welts or even cut through the skin.

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