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Case garden tractors are very old tractors that were once common additions to a home garden, according to the website Jim's Repair/Jim's Tractors. Nowadays, the only case garden tractors that can be purchased are used, since tractors are no longer produced under the Case name.


Case garden tractors have v-Twin air cooled engines. Many of the older engines had 16 horse power. Many of the more powerful Case tractors had their weaker engines replaced, according to Jim's Repair/Jim's Tractors. These engines are repowered and replaced using an engine repower kit.


The Case tractor is a common antique tractor because it is very durable and simply needs its engine repowered from time to time, according to the website Garden Tractor Info.


The company that created the Case tractors was started in 1842 in Wisconsin by Jerome Increase Case, according to Yesterday's Tractor Co., a website specializing in antique tractors. Case became interested in agricultural machinery after he learned of a machine that allowed farmers to cut wheat without using their hands. This company originally manufactured threshers. The first Case steam traction engine was created in 1876 and the first Case farm tractor was created in 1892. The engine of the very first case tractor can be found at the Smithsonian Museum. Case tractors are no longer called Case tractors because Case merged with New Holland and formed GNH Global. However, the harvesters manufactured by GNH Global are still called Case harvesters.


Many Case tractors are collected by individuals who are fascinated with vintage mechanical devices, such as older tractors, according to Fastrac, an antique tractor support group. However, owning an old tractor like a Case model can be costly since the parts are no longer manufactured and used parts can be very expensive and difficult to track down. However, many new parts are compatible with older machines, according to Garden Tractor Info. For example, if the fuel pump for the case tractor does not work, this pump can be replaced with a new electric pump that will work just fine with the older tractor. New electric clutches are also compatible.

The "George" steam tractor

One of the oldest Case tractors is a 1912 steam tractor named "George." This tractor is a 75 horsepower, single cylinder steam engine. The steam engine was run by discarded cordwood from a sawmill and was filled with water from nearby springs.

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